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Voice Automation

Now with the integration with IFTTT and Amazon ALEXA you can do a lot. Amazon’s AI devices is a hands-free smart speaker that you control using your voice. It connects to Alexa – a cloud based voice service to play music, make calls, check weather and news, set alarms, control smart home devices, and much more.

Controls lights, plugs, and more with compatible connected devices. Use Amazon Echo to switch on the lights before getting out of bed or dim the lights from the couch to watch a movie all without lifting a finger or even raising your voice. With “Routines ” control your devices at scheduled times or with a single voice command, like turning off the lights when you go to bed or turning on your coffee machine every morning. Echo works with devices such as smart lights and plugs

Controlling the various aspects of your smart home such as, turning on the geyser and more or getting the latest news updates and weather information without lifting a finger is now made possible with Amazon Echo devices that use Alexa to perform a variety of tasks and a lot more by simply using your voice. Choose from a variety of Echo devices powered by Alexa on Amazon.in and enter the amazing world of smart connectivity.