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Call Alert Service

Aim-Hitech Solutions brings you Call and SMS alert service for the possible threats that user may face during the continuous use of CCTV. The backed up memory within the CCTV may be useful but sudden and instant attention has to be initiated externally realtime. This way a big loss is prevented on time and a huge damage to property or life can be avoided and also It gives you a call or SMS alert at the right time & every time!

Video Loss Alert 

Video loss is regarded as a potential alarm event, and is considered to occur any time that the DVR doesn’t receive an active video signal on any of its inputs.

Motion Alert

Motion alert will be given by Server in the form of a phone call followed by an SMS when there is a motion detection carried out by your DVR.


Hard Disk Alert

An alert from Server for every hard disk trouble could help prevent most important moments/incidents from being ‘uncaptured’.

Network Status

Our Server exactly captures the network disconnection and notifies it to the user in the form of an alert.